What to wear in the Icelandic highlands

The weather in Iceland is one of it’s kind. It has the questionable talent of being able to provide all seasons in one day. Because of this it is vital to plan your clothing accordingly.

1. Waterproof shoes
Eve n if the sun is shining in the morning and there are no clouds is sight they might very well be waiting to surprise you in just a moment. Don’t be fooled by the gorgeousness of a blue sky, the rain is never far away. The rain might even have visited the night before and you might not realize it before your foot is deep into the wet moss. There is also snow in the Icelandic highlands year-round that no sneakers will be happy to see.

2. Windproof clothing
The Icelandic wind. It really deserves an entire blog post on it’s own. You never know when it might hit you. It can appear out of nowhere and it can be very unkind. Always have windproof clothing with you. Always.

3. Layers
This is common knowledge in Iceland. Everyone wears layers. That way you can enjoy the sun when it peeks out and maybe even get a slight tan on those hands. But being cold can completely ruin a trip so those layers will allow you to bundle up if needed.

4. Sunglasses
Sunglasses might not pop into your mind when packing for a vacation in Iceland. But it’s crucial to have, especially if you plan on visiting the highlands. The sun is stronger up there and the snow will help reflect it. We guarantee you will enjoy yourself much more if you have them at hand.

5. Sunscreen
As stated before, the sun is stronger the higher you get. Wear sunscreen if you are going to the Icelandic highlands, even during winter.

Keep those pointers in mind when packing and preparing for a trip in Iceland and your experience will be a whole lot more comfortable!

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