Our fleet and facilities

Mountaineers of Iceland are continuously evolving their fleet and facilities. Our mission is to provide the best service to our customers.

Meet our fleet

Snowmobiles & Monster Trucks

Mountaineers of Iceland are constantly evolving and so does our fleet. We own and operate a wide selection of vehicles and maintain our own workshop. Our trucks have been specially modified to reach glaciers and other remote locations by the rugged mountain tracks of the Icelandic highlands.

Our largest trucks can carry up to 60 passengers and we have included complimentary wi-fi, speaker systems for tour guides, air-conditioner with individual air controls, reclining seats and little fold-down tables in front of each seat.

Our facilities

Our cabins in the highlands

Deep in the Icelandic highlands, up in the mountains on the edge of Langjökull glacier, three lodging huts or cabins can be found. It is where we rest our bones, keep our equipment and host events. Two of our huts are located on the east side of Langjökull glacier and one on the west side.

Skálpanes – East side

Skálpanes is a large, timber lodge. With our recently constructed glasshouse next to it, it is the perfect place to host events such as meetings, buffets and weddings. We heat this lodge to keep it warm. It’s also equipped with a kitchen, restroom and enough space to hold up to 100 people.

Geldingafell – East Side

Geldingafell is our main base camp equipped with electricity, running water and restrooms. The house is spacious and is capable of welcoming large groups of travelers to gear up in the appropriate snowmobile equipment before our tours.

Our Open Fire Pit

We have a mobile open fire pit that can warm our guests during the cold winter months. The fire gives a great feeling after you’ve completed your tour with us. Please contact us and inquire about the fire pit which is available upon request for groups of all sizes.

Ready for the adventure?

Snow and fun awaits the brave