Don’t Enjoy Rush Hour?

Mountaineers of Iceland operates the largest snowmobile fleet in the country. Generally, most clients join our standard one hour snowmobile tours, operated with Yamaha Venture snowmobiles. However, for those who want to take it to the next level, we offer the more powerful Yamaha Viper snowmobiles. Such tours can range from an intensive one-hour glacier rush to two to four-hour glacier crossing. For those that want to take it all the way, we offer several days of snowmobiling tours.

Racing across the glacier

Let us take a look a typical three-day program of glacier crossing.
First of all, the longer tours are private and usually consist of groups of about two to ten people. The group can either opt to be picked up from Gullfoss Café in which case they will be requiring a rental car or they can be picked up from Reykjavik by a modified super 4×4 vehicle, that will take them all the way to our glacier hut. There, we will gear up for the exciting journey and then head off for the snowmobiles. Once everyone is ready, we’ll hit that accelerator and vroom off into the glacier winter wonderland. Our first destination: Hveravellir Service Centre. Located deep in the immense highlands of Iceland, it has everything that a rustic lodge could offer; A nice and warm supper, natural hot springs for relaxing your bones, and a cozy bed for your accommodation. You are going to need that rest for the next day’s adventure.
We will start the 2nd day by crossing the whole glacier, from east to west. On the way, we might stop at an ice cave and possibly check out some snowy mountains nearby. The final destination for this day will be Hotel Husafell, a luxury countryside accommodation, located just west of Langjokull Glacier. There, we will enjoy our dinner and sleep.
We have finally reached the 3rd and final day of the journey. This day will see us snowmobiling back to the base camp from whence we started off. We will again traverse the whole glacier and with good weather and fortune, check out the impressive and icy Mt. Jarlhettur, and enter a natural ice cave if conditions allow. At last, we arrive back at the Geldingafell Glacier Hut after an amazing three-day adventure of traveling most of the glacier.
This kind of trip will create unforgettable golden memories that will last you a lifetime and could truly be one of your life’s travel highlights. Of course, we generally only recommend this type of tour for those that are physically fit and have at least some experience with either snowmobiles and/or other motorsports, such as motocross or 4×4 ATVs.
The best time for these longer snowmobile trips would be late January until the end of April/beginning of May depending on snow conditions. The basic rule is the more snow, the better. So if you feel like this is your cup of tea, why not drop us a line to find out more? Who knows, you might end up having the adventure of a lifetime!

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