Top 5 hot springs in Iceland

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 Iceland often called the land of fire and ice, has become known worldwide for its beautiful and unique nature. Iceland is located on a hot spot on earth resulting in a great geothermal activity and therefore we have a lot of natural hot springs and pools here. We picked out our top five hot springs, it was not an easy pick and there are many other beautiful hot springs that are not on this list. Here is our top five! 


Reykjadalur “Steam Valley” is located in South Iceland innermost of Hveragerði. It is not far from Reykjavík it takes just about 40 minutes to drive there by car. It is a hiking trail with beautiful scenery and when you are at the top you can bath in natural hot springs. The hike is not that difficult so you should not let that stop you, it takes about 60-90 minutes to walk up there. The hiking trail allows you to enjoy the unique nature that Reykjadalur has to offer. Hiking and relaxing in a natural hot spring… What more can you ask for?


Seljavallalaug was built in 1923 so that makes the pool the oldest swimming pool here in Iceland. In olden days children were taught to swim there. The swimming pool is well hidden in a narrow valley located in the South of Iceland, nearby Eyjafjallajökull. The pool is filled with hot spring water but the temperature is just around 25 degrees. We definitely recommend that you make a stop there. Seljavallalaug is raw and unique and it is safe to say that it is a lifetime experience to go for a swim there.


Grettislaug is located in North of Iceland in Skagafjörður. Grettislaug is named after Grettir the strong from Saga lore who was said to have bathed in there to get warm after a long swim from the islands of Drangey. Grettislaug is a man-made rock pool built over hot springs and the temperature is about 39°C. There is a small entrance fee and you have access to dressing rooms. Nearby the pool aremoun small café and campsite and some guesthouses.


Landmannalaugar is an area that is located in the Southern Highlands. Landmannalaugar is one of the most popular hiking areas here in Iceland. The area is known for its extremely beautiful and unique landscape. The hot springs there are open for the public for bathing as they stay warm throughout the summer. The hot springs are just perfect for hikers to bath in after a long and nice hike.


Grjótagjá is a small lava cave with geothermal spring inside. It is located in the North of Iceland near Mývatn. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been possible to bath in there since 1970 because of eruptions from 1975 – 1984. The temperature of the water is therefore now too hot. Last few years the temperature of the water has been decreasing, hopefully, it will be ready for bathing sooner than later. Grjótagjá is extremely unique and beautiful – It is definitely worth the stop despite the fact that it is too hot to bathe in.

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