Saving the Glaciers

And the Planet, one tree at a time

On 5 July, Mountaineers of Iceland took another step towards a greener future. A representative from the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland along with two Mountaineers employees managed to plant a considerable number of birch trees in Hólabyggð, south of Langjokull Glacier where Mountaineers operate.

In total, about 10,000 birch trees were planted in the area, making a significant contribution to our goal of carbon neutralizing our operations. As well as absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, the trees will beautify the barren landscape where they were planted. This round of tree planting will cover about 10 hectares of land. This is definitely another step in fulfilling our ultimate dream of creating a beautiful forest with high carbon absorption.

We are also continuing with our other green actions such as following up with adopting new electric snowmobiles that can be charged with Iceland’s renewable energy. This was made possible since our glacier hut was connected to the national grid, enabling us to forever shut down our diesel-fueled power station.

All these steps contribute to a greener and brighter future. We believe that if companies in the tourism sector and beyond join hands, we will be able to bring about an environmental revolution that the world so desperately needs now.

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