Inspiring reclamation and reforestation project

The first step into a green path

We are proud to announce that on 10th of July, Council Leader of Blaskogabyggd municipality Helgi Kjartansson and representative of Mountaineers of Iceland Eyjólfur Eyfells, signed a contract between the two parties. The contract concerns an inspiring reclamation and reforestation project on a barren land in Holar, a part of Blaskogabyggd. Henceforth, Blaskogabyggd, Mountaineers of Iceland and the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (SCSI) will cooperate on this project which aims to carbon neutralise Mountaineers‘ emissions through reclamation and reforestation. This is Mountaineers‘ first step on this green path and they will provide SCSI with a yearly grant to carry out the project. It is clear that this is a long-term project and that it will take several years before Mountaineers reach their goal of becoming completely carbon neutral. Considerable preparation has already taken place on behalf of SCSI, i.a. in measuring the land to be used for the project and calculating its potential CO2 binding capacity. Mountaineers have also undertaken the task of calculating their CO2 emissions so we now know how much reforestation is required to carbon neutralise the company‘s emissions. The contracting parties consider this to be a fantastic step in the right direction, especially in light of the fact that a barren wasteland will in future become green and beautiful along with having a significant positive impact on the environment.

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