Covid-19 – Keep calm and wash your hands

It’s very important for us that our customers are in a safe environment and therefor we keep everything clean and disinfected before customers enter our facilities for Snowmobile tours in Iceland.

We are activating a chapter in our safety-plan in case of infectious diseases such as Covid-19 or the coronavirus. All guests and employees are responsible for properly cleaning their own hands to prevent infection. Everyone needs to disinfect their hands before entering any vehicle on our tours and when customers come to our Glacier Huts to get ready for snowmobile tours, they are requested to disinfect their hands again.

This is in accordance with our own HSE plan, what the Icelandic Travel Industry Association and what the Icelandic Tourism Board has issued.

Hand sanitizer

At the end of the day, we clean the helmets and overalls with a special antiseptic called Virkon which is sprayed on the overalls and the helmets. This chemical is left on them for about 30 minutes and then wiped off with a wet cloth. The balaclavas that our customers use under their helmets are only used once and then they are cleaned in a washing machine.

We wash our gloves as often as possible and the floors are cleaned with a substance called Antibact which is a very good antiseptic. Toilets are cleaned with the same material at the end of each day. We use paper towels to dry our hands after using the restroom, instead of a normal towel and we urge our customers to wash their hands with soap.

Wash your hands

We hope that these measures will put your mind at ease and shows you that we’re taking many precautions to prevent infection, with your safety in mind. The Icelandic Directorate of Health is monitoring the issue closely and informs the public of the current situation.

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