Men sitting at a bench in Iceland speaking Icelandic

8 Icelandic phrases to learn

Icelandic is one of the Nordic languages and most closely resembles Faroese even though it also has some strong similarities to Norwegian and Danish. Icelanders make a great deal of keeping the language intact even though words such as LOL and OMG may have slipped in. And remarkably, the Icelandic spoken today has not changed much from the language of the early Norse settlers. That means even children can enjoy an Icelandic Saga from the thirteenth century.

If you plan on spending some time in Iceland or just want to impress your friends, we’ve listed out 8 Icelandic phrases for you to learn.

  1. Takk fyrir mig – Thank you for me
    Icelanders use “Takk fyrir mig” when they leave a restaurant, party, or any kind of get-together. It is also frequently used after having been invited for a meal or for a cup of coffee.
  2. Hvar er ég? – Where am I?
    If you are driving your own car in the Icelandic wilderness, you will likely find yourself in the middle of nowhere. Don’t hesitate to knock on the doors of the closest farm or waive towards a car and ask this question. Icelanders are friendly people.
  3. Ertu að djóka með þetta verð? – Are you kidding me with this price?
    Since Iceland became a popular travel destination, there has been a lot of discussion about price increase of food, hotels and other things offered to tourists. If you are flabbergasted by the price of your slice of pie you can sound very Icelandic if you ask the server: ertu að djóka með þetta verð?
  4. Ég kem alveg af fjöllum – I come completely from the mountains
    Yes, this quite a peculiar phrase. Icelanders use this when they have no idea what’s going on or what you are talking about.
  5. Ég skal sýna þér hvar Davíð keypti ölið – I’ll show you where David bought the ale
    You might think this is a normal thing to say until you realize what it means. If an Icelanders says this to you I would run away, because he’s telling you he will kick your ass. Or you might have betrayed an Icelander and he is plotting against you. Either way, it’s not good news.
  6. Sjáðu þetta rassgat – Look at this asshole!
    Icelanders are not telling you too look at a butt nor are they pointing out an annoying person. This is actually a great compliment. Icelanders say this when they see something cute, say a puppy or they think a friend’s child is adorable. Then the puppy and the baby are assholes.
  7. Það er rúsínan í pylsuendanum – That is the raisin at the end of the hot dog
    I’m not sure I would be pleasantly surprised if I found a raisin in my hot dog. But this Icelandic saying means that there is a great surprise at the end. For example, say you are attending Justin Timberlake concerts and at the end of the night the whole N*SYNC crew comes out to play. That would be awesome, right? Well that would be your raisin at the end of the hot dog.
  8. Ég er eins og úfinn hænurass – I’m like a fluffy chicken’s ass
    Iceland is very windy and Icelandic women are use to having messy hair. When it’s one of those days we say we look like a fluffy chicken’s ass.
    Come to think of it, it really sounds like Icelanders are obsessed with behinds.



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Varnir gegn smitsjúkdómum.


Okkur hjá Mountaineers of Iceland er mjög hugað að öryggi og heilsu starfsmanna og viðskiptavina okkar.  Það er okkur mjög mikilvægt að halda öllu hreinu hjá okkur.  Í einu og öllu förum við eftir hreinlætisplani sem er í öryggisáætlun okkar og tilmælum Landlæknis er varðar hreinlæti.

Þar af leiðandi höfum við gripið til þessa ráðstafanna vegna Covid-19 og annarra sambærilegra smitsjúkdóma:

- Áður en sest er upp í faratæki okkar þurfa allir að sótthreinsa á sér hendurnar. Einnig áður en komið er í starfsstöðvar okkar við Langjökul til að klæða sig í viðeigandi fatnað.
- Viðskiptavinir fá allir hrein buff (höfuðklúta) til þess að fyrirbyggja snertingu við hjálma.
- Við reynum eftir bestu getu að tryggja að það sé 2 metrar á milli viðskiptavina. Við biðjum einnig viðskiptavini okkar að virða 2 metra regluna.

Allir snertifletir eru þrifnir nokkrum sinnum á dag og einnig eru gallarnir og hjálmarnir spreyjaðir með hreinsiefni eftir notkun með efni sem heitir Virkon. Það er sótthreinsandi efni og drepur alla sýkla sem það kemst í snertingu við. Buffin og hanskarnir eru svo þrifin í lok dag og einungis notuð einu sinni á dag til að koma í veg fyrir smit.

Gestir/viðskiptavinir mega ekki koma í skála hjá okkur né skipulagðar ferðir ef þeir eru í sóttkví eða heimkomusmitgát. Eru í einangrun (einnig meðan beðið er niðurstöðu sýnatöku). Hafa verið í einangrun vegna COVID-19 smits og ekki eru liðnir 14 dagar frá útskrift. Eru með einkenni (Kvef, hósta, hita, höfuðverk, beinverki þreytu, kviðverki, niðurgang o.fl)


We at Mountaineers of Iceland are very concerned about the safety and health of our employees and our customers. It is very important for us to keep everything clean. All in all, we follow a hygiene plan that is in our safety plan and the recommendation of the Medical Director of Health regarding hygiene.
As a result, we have taken these measures for Covid-19 and other comparable infectious diseases:

- Before settling into our vehicles, everyone needs to disinfect their hands. Also before coming to our local offices at Langjökull to dress in appropriate clothing.
- Customers are all given a clean buff (headscarf) to prevent helmet contact.
- We try our best to ensure that it is 2 meters between customers. We also ask our clients to respect the 2-meter rule.

All contact surfaces are cleaned several times a day and also the overalls and helmets are sprayed with detergent after use with a substance called Virkon. It is an antiseptic and kills any germs it comes into contact with. The scarves and gloves are then cleaned at the end of the day and used only once a day to prevent infection.

Visitors are not allowed in our mountain huts or on our organized tours if they are in quarantine or taking special precautions after border screening. Are in isolation (also while waiting for results). Have undergone quarantine for COVID-19 with less than 14 days from discharge. Have flue like symptoms (colds, cough, fever, head ace, bone ace, fatigue, abdominal pain, diarrhea etc).