nothing says the word “Arctic” better than a snowcat!

Here is something new and incredibly adventurous! We have added to our fleet of machinery a new way to ride the glacier, the most iconic glacier vehicle that bears the name “SnowCat.” With a custom built box with comfortable seating, we offer you the ride of a lifetime!

DURATION5 hours*
INCLUDEDPick up from Gullfoss

Monster truck ride to glacier hut

Snowcat ride on the glacier

Access to the Ice Cave

Guided tour in the Ice Cave

Drop-off at Gullfoss

The Mighty Monster Truck awaiting at Gullfoss

heading for gullfoss

The Golden Circle is one of the most iconic routes you can drive in Iceland. If you have a rental car and your journey is leading you to the incredible Gullfoss waterfall, then you have simply traveled too close to the glacial highlands to skip it! At Gullfoss, you can park your car and hop on board one of our converted rocket launchers that have been transformed into a mighty monster truck that takes you into the highlands and up to our glacier hut. There, the snowcat is waiting to take you on a ride on the Icelandic glacier and to our newly discovered natural ice cave where Mountaineers have built a custom entrance for ease of access all winter long! 

New snowcat that can withstand any weather

The snowcat

This incredible machine is specially made for glacier crossing. The Pisten Bully is fast, economical, rides smooth and is specially outfitted with a custom cabin designed by a high-profile engineering company providing high-quality solutions worldwide.

The cabin is fitted with:

  • Two-point safety belt for everyone
  • Emergency exit
  • Airconditioning with fans in each corner
  • Bluetooth stereo for good times
  • Emergency button to notify the driver to stop
  • Easy access into the cabin
ice cave bridge
A bridge into the ice cap

The Brand New Ice Cave

The ice cave was discovered just before winter and had this giant opening that seemed endless. Our expert guides were in awe and already planning to maintain access since winter was just around the corner and there was the possibility of a great deal of snowfall that would seal up the entrance. After building an access to the mysterious world of ice, we are able to welcome travelers into a safe environment and actually, experience the unique natural beauty of the ice cap from within. 

Once we’ve explored the glacier underworld, we head back to Mountaineers Hut via the Snowcat and hop on the monster truck to ride back through the snowy terrain on our way to Gullfoss. 

This is going to be the story you tell after an incredible trip to Iceland!

The Frozen Ice from inside the glacier

Please Note

  • Timings may be delayed or canceled due to weather and road conditions.
  • Bring snacks as this is a 5-hour tour 
  • Dress according to weather. In Iceland it is always smart to dress in warm, waterproof clothes, weather changes can sudden so expect the unexpected. Good outdoor shoes are recommended.
  • The ride on the monster truck is also an adventure of its own, so enjoy the moods of Mountaineers!

ice cave bridge
clear pure ice cave

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