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It is one thing to observe the mysterious landscape of Iceland from afar, but another to dive in helmet first to truly explore it with your hand on the throttle and adrenaline pumping! The 3 Hour Quad Mad Tour puts you in the drivers seat and leads you deep into Reykjavík’s off-roading backyard paradise to cross rocky lava terrain, rivers, and charge up the local mountains.
Hold on tight as we venture up to two mountain peaks of Hafrafell & Úlfarsfell. You‘ll be greeted at the top with a stunning panoramic views over Reykjavík and beyond.
We‘ll also visit the local lake Hafravatn tucked between the cascading mountain sides.
Here‘s where things get really interesting!
The apex of the tour takes you even further to the feet of the towering remarkable Esja Mountain and up into Valley of Mosfellsbær to summit a third peak. This area is tucked between rugged mountains far from the reaches of the city giving way to wilderness only accessible by off road trails. The Quad Mad Tour is built for those who are up for a real adrenaline kick, prepare yourself!
We welcome all levels of adventurers on this tour, but this tour may be challenging for those new to ATVs. Our professional guides are happy to help each guest feel comfortable on their quad!
DURATION3 hours on the bike. 4-5 hours total.
WEARLayers and good shoes
Sightseeing over Reykjavík3 hour ATV quad tour
Overalls, gloves, helmet, balaclavaOptional: Pick-up and return transfer to Reykjavík

Please note: This tour is not operated by Mountaineers Of Iceland.


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