Mountaineers of Iceland operate snowmobiles from Iceland’s second largest glacier, Langjökull.We own about 100 snowmobiles and up to 500 winter overalls to keep our groups warm during the snowmobile ride.
All participants are provided with all necessary gear like warm overalls, helmets, boots and gloves.

Snowmobiles are great fun and easy to operate. Our snowmobiles are two seated touring sleds with hand warmer and high wind shield.Participants can choose between double or single ride. A valid driving license is required to operate a snowmobile.We offer 1 hour snowmobiling trips in our popular day tours: Pearl Tour and Express Activity Tour.Custom made tours are also available.Everyone engaged in our activity service operations has extensive experience in the tourism industry and in activity operations, which are always undertaken with the strictest safety standards employed.Our staff is serious about providing unforgettable and safe adventure experiences! Secret by Alfreð, Mountaineers guide – Snowmobiling at Langjökull glacier from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

Our BaseCamp in Geldingafell

A warm, cozy little house equipped with electricity, running water, restrooms and a luxurious facility for our snowmobiles right next to it. Mountaineers have now set the standard for glacial facilities in Iceland.


Our Snowmobiles

The Experience

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