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Enjoying the cool, refreshing and pure water running off the glacier is an experience like no other. This is a phenomenon which you can’t see anywhere else in the world. The water running on the glacier in the summer tastes exceptionally and is totally safe to drink. That’s why you need a water bottle.

Water bottle on ice and snowmobile    

To allow our visitors to enjoy this refreshing experience Mountaineers of Iceland have begun to sell labelled multi-use water bottles. This water bottle gives you a container to collect and drink water from. You can drink it all at the glacier or take it with you on your journey. The bottles are sold at our cabin before the tour at 2.990,- ISK or approx. 25 USD.

Filling up water bottle on glacier

Furthermore, Iceland’s tap water draws its water from certified pure water wells around the country. That means that Icelandic tap water is safe to drink and delicious. The state organized Inspired by Iceland have even been campaigning on “kranavatn” or tap-water. We here in Iceland are encouraging travelers to use multi-use water bottles and fill them up with tap-water. This is one step to limit the use of single use, disposable plastic bottles.

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Please consider these bottles before you go snowmobiling on the glacier with us. It’s a functional souvenir which you can keep with you for the rest of your trip. Drinking glacier water is something that you must try when you’re on the glacier. Tasting melting ice that’s been frozen for hundreds of years is also something that will get a conversation started when you get back home. Remember due to changes in the climate the glacier might not be here anymore in a few decades.

Grab that water bottle!

Water bottle laying on ice

*Please note, the water in our mountain cabin is not potable. This is due to the fact that our cabin is not connected to the water grid. All water in the cabin is driven up there in trucks and therefore not safe for consumption.  

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