Let us take you on an enchanting journey of the volcanic wonderland that is Reykjanes Peninsula.

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Close to Reykjavík, this Iceland adventure tour takes you on an enchanting super jeep journey of Reykjanes Peninsula, a volcanic wonderland. Driving through vast lava fields with strange colors and rock formations, this mystical place sparks the imagination of a time before modern roads and edifices. You will see lava craters, black lava fields covered with moss and lichen, volcanic mountains, boiling mud pots and a large lake which is thought to be the home of monsters! We might even stop by to cross Leif the Lucky’s Bridge where two continents meet over a major fissure, providing clear evidence of a diverging tectonic plate margin.

The pick-up time is at noon, so the tour is perfect for sleepyheads or those that have something planned in the morning and are looking for a fun afternoon.

1 hour ATV tour

For a quick thrill, you ride on an ATV between lave and black sands, and up onto Mount Hagafell, that gives a good view over the Blue Lagoon and Eldey Island. There’s no age limit for passengers but a driver’s license needs to be presented by the ATV driver.

ATV Quad bike – 1 per bike – ISK 16.900
ATV Quad bike – 2 per bike – ISK 13.000

PICK-UP TIME 12:00 – 12:30
DURATION 3-4 hours
Pick-up from hotels/accommodation in Reykjavik
Guided super truck tour

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