Midnight Sun Snowmobile Tour

Enjoy the golden glow of the Midnight Sun Snowmobile Tour on Europe’s second largest glacier.

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3-4 Hours

Pick-up and drop-off at Husafell Bistro Warm overalls and appropriate equipment.
Monster truck transfer to the glacier hutOne hour snowmobile tour

North of the Polar Circle a natural phenomenon called the Midnight Sun occurs.

From May and through August the skies radiate with shades of pink and gold through the night. The sun only sets for a few magical moments, casting an illuminating glow during dusk.

Enjoying the incredible feeling of the midnight sun

The mystical light creates an ambiance fitting Iceland‘s myths and legends.

There’s something strangely exotic about a place so close to the pole that the sun refuses to set for a chunk of the year.
Far away from the city lights, we will be driving across the glistening snowfields, breathing in the Arctic air while being embraced by the Midnight Sun.

Warmth meets the cold when gliding the glacier in the midnight sun

The vast glacier reflects these subtle sunbeams, setting the stage for memories you will cherish forever.

The tour starts in Húsafell where we pick-up our travelers at 19:00 and invite you aboard our Monster Truck to be on our way for the evening‘s adventures. We make our way to Langjökull Glacier Hut where we gear up for the snowmobile tour of our lives under the pastel light of the Midnight Sun.

Please Note

  • Our snowmobiles are double-riders and children are welcome to ride as passengers as long as they have reached the age of six. A valid driver‘s license is needed to operate a snowmobile
  • This tour starts at Husafell Bistro and travelers need to get there either by bus or if you have a rental car. A direct drive from Reykjavík to there takes about 2 hours
  • Please be at Hotel Husafell 20 min before departure time
  • Visibility is dependent on the weather and clouds
  • The ride on the monster truck is an adventure of its own, so enjoy the moods of Mountaineers!
Perfect combination of excitement and calmness



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