This day tour in Iceland introduces you to everything from lava fields to lakes, the Reykjavík skyline, volcanoes, and secret caves.

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We start this tour by driving to the top of Úlfarsfell where you can enjoy the amazing view of Reykjavík city and the nearby surroundings if the weather is clear. Many Icelanders hike there during the summer season.

Then we take a short detour to see one of our power plants Nesjavallavikjun. We continue exploring the untamed nature in Iceland. We drive by Úlfljótsvatn, next to the water is a camping ground that we had over 5000 Scouts at the World Scout Moot 2017.

We continue to Þrastalundur for a lunch break, in the area is a well know salmon fishing river Sogið. This river is combined by two lakes Þingavallavatn and Úlfljótsvatn, and further on they join with Ölfusá which is a very powerful river that runs to the Atlantic ocean.

We continue our tour through Selfoss, the largest residential area in south Iceland. We the drive to Eyrabakki the town that was at one point considered to become the capital of Iceland.

Last stop before going back to Reykjavík is Raufarhólshellir, we will go explore this beautiful cave, it is the 4th longest and best-known tunnel in Iceland. The highest point of the cave is about 10 meters and it is around 1360 meters long. The lava that created the cave is estimated to be around 5200 years old.


PICK-UP TIME9:30  – 10:00
Pick-up from hotel/accommodatation in ReykjavikGuided super truck tour
Entrance to The Tunnel and necessary equipment for caving


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