Summer Snowmobiling!

Yes, that is a thing!

You might arrive in Reykjavik and see green grass and birds singing and your mind will never start imagining snowmobiling but that is actually possible all year long!

Although Iceland becomes so green during summertime the fact is that when you head into the highlands of Iceland you can see snow in the mountains and of course our main operation and playing field, the glacier!

At the beginning of the track used to ride to the snowy part of the glacier, we locate our sleds on the edge of the glacier and since the surface of the glacier is not even, we create our own track with a special motor grader, a construction machine and with it we even out the surface and make sure you get the best possible ride! The first part of the journey can get slushy and wet but that just makes it more interesting and diverse.

Summertime gives you a very special chance to explore what the snow covers during winter but then melts away and reveals black lava sand and melting glacial streams that we sometimes stop to drink from. We call it the fountain of youth since it tastes magical and is melted glacier that makes is very very old.

While summer snowmobile riding you eventually get high up on the glacier where there is always snow, all year long and that gives you the chance to go a little bit faster but while climbing the gentle slopes of the glacier it gives you views that are just incredible! 360 panoramic view of the highlands surrounding the glacier. This is, of course, very weather and cloud dependent.

In fact, a whole new adventure opens up to our summer visitors as the natural phenomenon called the midnight sun occurs. It won´t go unnoticed when you are staying in Iceland during summer time that there is 24/7 daylight but just as you realize that the time is getting closer to midnight when the evening sun illuminates the skies try to imagine being situated on a snowy glacier, snowmobiling while the visual vibes of the midnight sun are taking place!

It´s kind of hard, the kind of thing you have to experience isn´t it?

Whatever way you do it, you can be sure that once heading back to civilization you will be mesmerized by the Icelandic beauty and the mountains surrounding you with green moss, trees, flowers, bird songs and the sun touching the horizon before going right back up whilst you say to yourself,

“I just went snowmobiling, during summertime in Iceland”.

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Olgeir Pétursson