Our cabins in the highlands

Deep in the Icelandic highlands, up in the mountains on the edge of Langjökull glacier, three lodging huts or cabins can be found. It is where we rest our bones, keep our equipment and host events. Two of our huts are located at the east side of Langjökull glacier and one on the west side.


Skálpanes – east side

Skálpanes is a large, timber lodge. With our recently constructed glasshouse next to it, it is the perfect place to host events such as meetings, buffets and weddings. The lodge is heated and equipped with a kitchen, restroom and enough space to hold up to 100 people.
Next to the hut we have constructed a base camp where we keep all of our snowmobile equipment and where travellers can gear up before heading out on the vast snowfields.


BaseCamp 4

Geldingafell – east side

Geldingafell is our main base camp equipped with electricity, running water and restrooms. The house is spacious and is capable of welcoming large groups of travellers to gear up in the appropriate snowmobile equipment before our tours.



Jaki – west side

Jaki is our lodging hut located at the other side of Langjökull glacier. The hut is heated, has a kitchen, restroom and enough space to hold up to 60 people. Jaki is popular for incentive groups, film projects, truck tours and is becoming more and more popular for snowmobile tours.