Super Trucks

Mountaineers own and operate super jeeps/trucks which have been specially modified to get to a glacier and other remote areas by the rugged mountain tracks of the highlands, inaccessible by normal cars.
Our Super Jeeps have extra large tires 38″ and 44″ inches, so we can bring our guests to areas where no other vehicles can. All our Jeeps have radio transceiver for communication between cars and GPS Satellite Navigation System.

Our fleet:


Nissan Patrol
4-5 passengers. Modified with 44” inch tires


Ford Excursion Modified with 44-46” inch tires 6-7 passengers, Speaker system for tour guides


Ford Econoline Specially modified, equipped with 38” and 46” inch tires, 10 – 14 passengers, Speaker system for tour guides

Mountaineers The Man Kat 8x8 monster truck

The Man Kat 8×8 monster truck
Modified Army truck with 54” inch tires


The Mountaineers Bus
Modified 6 wheeler monster mountain bus with 6×6 drive and  54” inch tires, 33 passengers, Custom made tours


The 8×8 Mountaineers Monster Truck
Modified 8 wheeler monster truck with 8×8 drive and 58” inch tires, 49 passengers, Custom made tours.


The 10×10 Mountaineers Monster Truck
Modified 10 wheeler monster truck with 10×10 drive and 54” inch tires, 60 passengers, Custom made tours.

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